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Frequently Asked Questions


How many locations do you have?

4: Bradenton, Palmetto, Sarasota and Tampa

Will you load material onto my truck/ trailer/ vehicle?

Yes. We load material using a forklift or tractor with bucket. Please note: Big Earth Landscape Supply and its associates do not claim any responsibility for damage to customer property; loading material is solely at the risk of the consumer which is assumed upon entering Big Earth Landscape Supply stores.


Do you deliver?


What is the delivery fee?

Varies on location. . . usually $45-$100

What is your lead time for delivery?

Usually 24 hours

Do your prices include delivery?

No. Our stores price the materials. If you want delivery, there is an additional fee based on location. Each store can quote a delivery price for your area.

Is there a price break if I order a lot of material?

Depends on the material. Our sales reps will be happy to assist you with an accurate quote for volume orders.

Where will you dump the material I ordered?

Material will be dumped at the discretion of the property owner. Please note: Big Earth claims no responsibility for damage to property which includes, but is not limited to curbs, sidewalks, gutters, driveways, irrigation lines, privacy gates and more. Customer is to assume all responsibility when ordering material to be delivered via Big Earth Landscape Supply or any other form of contracted transportation.


How big are your trucks?

Big. We have our own fleet that can tackle any job you have.

How much does your truck hold?

Our trucks can hold 1 yard to 100+ yards.

I think I need a truck of dirt, how much does that hold?

A mini-wheeler of fill dirt holds approximately 18-22 yards.


I want to install my own sod, but I don’t know how to take care of it.

Sod is not an investment to take lightly. We highly suggest you hire a professional lawn and pest control company to help protect your investment. We recommend Westfall’s Lawn and Pest Control. You can call them at 941-761-0125. Please note: Big Earth Landscape Supply does not guarantee sod. For best results, we highly recommend Westfall’s to maintain the health of your lawn.

Do you have 400 or 500 square foot pallets of sod?

400 Sq Ft

How many square feet does a piece of sod cover?

Sod Piece Size 16”x 24” or 2.66 Sq Ft.

How many sod plugs on a tray?

18 plugs per tray.

Sand base or muck base sod?

Sand base

Do you have sod for shade?

Some sod is shade tolerant but no sod can grow in direct shade. We recommend Seville, Bitter Blue, Palmetto for shade.

My lawn is in standing water from the rain and it looks like it is not doing well. What should I do?

Most turf varieties and landscape plants do not like their “feet” to stay wet. When you improve your soil by adding topsoil or compost this helps drainage and reduces the level of fungal pathogens. It also improves root development and nutrient availability in a healthy aerobic environment from fertilizer. Is this a drainage pattern that happens every summer? If so, you need to get to the root of the problem.

  1. Identify if your lawn is not graded properly. Do you have low lying areas that tend to stay wet after a heavy rain? Low lying areas can be easily fixed by adding topsoil then leveled. If you feel you have more severe drainage issues, installing a French drain system may be an option.

  2. If you have a particular area that does not drain well; instead of fighting it, you can add ground cover or plants that are more compatible to poor draining soils. Please feel free to visit one of our Big Earth locations and we would be happy to discuss your concerns and offer possible solutions.

How do I know if the sod I purchased is bad?

All of our sod is cut, palletized, and delivered fresh to our stores within 24 hours by Bethel Farms. Bethel is one of the most innovative turf farms in the state and produces several varieties of high quality product. There are times bad sod will get through quality control we want to know. Please do not hesitate to call us.

I just installed sod in a fully shaded area. I cannot seem to get my grass to grow and I think this sod is bad? What should I do?

Not all turf varieties grow well in shady areas; in fact all sod is grown in full sun and some doing better than others. Appropriate light along with water are two of the biggest factors that will determine long term success for your lawn. Not all shade is the same either. Some areas can be densely shaded whereas other areas have no direct sun but very bright light.

If you are considering making renovations to your lawn, we invite you to visit one of our locations so that we can aid you in your sod variety choice. Again, we do have varieties available for sale that are better suited for lower light areas. Sometimes quality of soil may be the main issue and adding a layer of compost or topsoil when laying the sod can help. We have experts on hand to help you identify the best sod for your lawn.

I have bugs in my lawn, what do I do?

Not all bugs are bad bags. But for those that are harmful to turf and landscape; plant identification is key to control. If you have any pest control questions stop by any of our four locations so our staff can help you identify the problem and offer a solution.

Do you have sod in stock?

We cut our sod fresh to order. Please call 24-48 hours in advance for sod orders. On occasion we have extra sod pallets, call the store for availability.

I don’t want to buy a full pallet of sod?

No problem, we sell sod by the plug, piece or pallet.

What kind of sod do you sell?

Floratam, Empire Zoysia, Sapphire, Seville, Palmetto, Bitter Blue, Bahia, Bermuda 419 and Bermuda Celebration.
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When is the best time of year to lay sod?

On the west coast of Florida there is no month that you cannot plant sod. Every season has its pros and cons but rarely (if ever) will sod fail because of when it was planted. The best time of year to plant sod is in the wet warm summer months and the least optimal time would be in cold dry winter months.


Do you sell mulch by the bag or by the yard?

Both. Mulch is sold by the bag or in bulk by the yard

How much will a yard of mulch cover?

Approximately 100 sq ft at 3 inches deep.

How many bags per yard of mulch?

13.5 bags for 2 cu ft sized bags, 9 bags for 3 cu ft sized bag.

What is your cheapest mulch?

Organic Mulch.

Does mulch attract bugs?

Mulch offers many benefits to a garden, such as making the landscape look clean and tidy. It also retains moisture and suppresses weeds so plants can thrive. Mulch itself does not attract bugs to your garden, however, it may provide a hospitable environment for insects that are already around.


Do you sell fertilizer?

Yes. We have a variety of fertilizers for turf, shrubs, trees, ornamentals, palms and more. See all our products here

Does my palm tree need fertilizer?

Palm trees nutritional deficiencies are easily prevented by following a yearly fertilization program. Mature palms in the landscape should be fertilized with a complete granular fertilizer formulated for palms, like Florikan 8-2-12. Three to Four applications of palm fertilizer are recommended to provide a constant supply of nutrients during the growing season; end of March through end of October. If you are using controlled release fertilizer, apply it twice a year. Newly planted palms should not be fertilized until after they put out a new spear; approximately 2 months after planting.

Palm fertilizer will contain a combination of nitrogen, phosphate and potash with minor elements including magnesium and manganese. Often palms can display nutrient deficiencies in the form of yellow leaves. Depending on the severity of the deficiency, subsequent applications of palm fertilizer should help the palm green up. If more severe deficiencies exist, additional applications of magnesium and manganese should be made. All of these products are available for sale at each Big Earth location.