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Meet The Managers

Bradenton, Tampa, Sarasota & Palmetto

Cliff White

Manager, Bradenton Big Earth Landscape Supply Store
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Bradenton Big Earth Landscape Supply store manager Cliff White likes to think of his customers as family and believes in treating them that way.

For me, it’s all about helping new pros start their business and keeping old pros doing theirs well. It’s also about maintaining a great relationship with those regular customers that come in every time they have a new project their starting around the house, supporting their needs with quality products, on-time deliveries, and the legendary service we’re known for. I like to think of everyone that comes in as part of the Big Earth family.

“I've known Adam since we were kids and played soccer against one another. I was always the better player,” Cliff says with a laugh, “but we always got along great."

“I’d been working for Discount Automotive Parts as an Area Manager when his dad’s partner, Raymond Warner, came into a store, saw the awards I’d won hanging on a wall. Before I knew it I was interviewing for the position of manager of the Bradenton store. About three years ago I moved over here to the Sarasota store. I’m devoted to this company. They’re great to work for.”

During his ten years with Big Earth, Cliff has developed a lot of product expertise, particularly with sod, mulches, and gravel. He’s also the resident expert on retaining wall blocks and stone products and happy to answer questions or give advice when asked.

In his time away from the store Cliff, his wife Tammy and daughter Brianna enjoy spending time outdoors. They spend a lot of that time taking Brianna, a budding gymnastics and tumbling star, around the state to cheerleading competitions. Only fitting for one of Big Earth’s biggest cheerleaders.

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Jason Mooney

Manager, Palmetto Big Earth Landscape Supply Store
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“No matter what you’re dreaming of doing or seen somewhere on TV or in a magazine, come by and we’ll help you bring your vision to life,” is Palmetto Big Earth Landscape Supply manager Jason Mooney’s promise to customers.

What sets us apart from the big box and other landscape supply stores is that we work hard to make sure both our commercial and residential customers get the same attention. Whether you’re buying a truckload of gravel or just a couple of bags of mulch or a few sod pieces – even if you just have a question about your project – you’re important to us and we’re here for you. We pride ourselves on being helpful, even if it’s just over the phone.”

Jason learned about landscaping by doing. Before joining Big Earth in 2008, he had some rental properties that he put a lot of sweat equity into. When he gave that up, he went to work for a big bank but quickly realized he didn’t like working for a huge company, preferring, as he says, “to be part of the solution,” something he’s certainly made good on during his tenure as the Palmetto store Manager, helping customers with the kinds of projects he did as a property owner.

He came to the store when a family friend recommended him to Big Earth CEO Adam Rickert for a position as Assistant Manager at the Palmetto store. Jason’s philosophy of problem solving and providing great customer service led to a promotion and after a couple of years the lifelong Bradenton resident took over as Manager of the Sarasota Big Earth Landscape Supply store in 2010 before returning to manage the Palmetto store in 2011.

“One of the things I like about Big Earth is that they kept growing and will continue to in the future. You know that when you know the company’s history and you know the company’s leadership."

“They care about their employees and their customers. That’s the company’s culture and the thing they instill in everyone that’s works for them. They have great growth potential and I hope to grow with them.”

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Konstantin Ryapolov

Manager, Sarasota Big Earth Landscape Supply Store
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My wife and I moved to Florida recently from the Northwest where we grew up and we have been loving it here. The state of Florida is a beautiful place but definitely a different way of life. Back home I was in Pest Management where I took care of many homes in many cities. I joined Big Earth in June of 2013. I never realized how much I enjoyed landscaping until I began to see all the possibilities one has for their home. I have always loved working with people, taking care of the customer, gaining their trust and their confidence. It has always been a priority of mine to let our customers know that we care and that we will work hard to make sure they have what they need and when they need it. I've seen many yards and photos of the hard work that some of our customers have completed either for themselves or for others and it's just incredible to be a small part of it. We are simply here to help!"

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Mike Bacon

Manager, Sarasota Big Earth Landscape Supply Store
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Mike started his career with Big Earth Landscape Supply in 2009 working in the yard. He was promoted to Assistant Manager and is now Manager of the Sarasota location. Mike’s family did a lot of traveling when he was a child so he was able to experience many places and types of people. Mike says "Every day is a new experience," which is why he enjoys this industry as can be seen in his philosophy.

Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You'll find what you need to furnish it - Memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.

I've been to many places, and have seen many things, but nothing is as satisfying as helping others fulfill their aspirations. That's why I love this company so much, because, while helping other people get joy from their homes, I in turn get joy out of helping them achieve their joy. It's a win-win!"

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Matt Eaton

Manager, Tampa Big Earth Landscape Supply Store
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Helping professionals grow their business, introducing them to and educating them on new products they should know about and helping our retail customers make the most of their investments in their landscaping and gardening projects is the most satisfying part of my job,”

Matt started at Big Earth Landscape Supply in 2004 after working in the garden center of a big box chain, getting some experience and realizing that offering the kind of personalized service he wanted to provide customers just wasn’t possible in that environment.

He started in the yard at our Bradenton store making deliveries of gravel and sod and learning all he could by talking with and picking the brains of the professionals he was coming into contact with. When an office position opened he took it, ringing up orders, taking deliveries, routing the delivery trucks and always trying to offer the best customer service experience possible.

In 2006, Matt was promoted to the Assistant Manager position at the store and began turning his attention to learning the ins and outs of what makes for a good manager. He continued to educate himself about products, soaking up all he could about everything from gravel, sod and mulch to stones and rocks, soils, tiles, pesticides and fertilizers. When the Tampa Big Earth Landscape Supply store opened in Tampa in 2008, he was the clear choice for manager, a position he’s held ever since.

Matt has been married to Autumn for six years and the couple have two children, Isaiah and Chloe. Like most little girls, two-year old Chloe enjoys shopping with her Mom while six-year old Isaiah is learning to hunt with his Dad.

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