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Outdoor Garden Pottery

Our Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Pots collections include high quality frost resistant pottery of all shapes and sizes as well as styles suitable for outdoor garden.

With a wide range of outdoors ceramic planter design, we can provide just about anything a customer could request. Our planters will make your garden more beautiful and provide you with a justifiable sense of accomplishment.

Here is a representative sample of our collection. Download our catalog for a more comprehensive selection. If you would like pricing for a custom design, visit "Contact us" section and submit details.

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Winter 2016
All items subject to availability

Anduze Urn Planter

Barrel Tall Planter

Belly Planter

  • Product ID: MT9002
  • Colors: Cobalt Blue, Aqua
  • Store: Sarasota, FL

Classic Footed Square Planter

  • Product ID: MT8305 or MT9034
  • Colors: Copper Red, Copper Gold, Cream, Burnt Cream, Aqua
  • Store: Sarasota, FL Palmetto, FL

Coralis Planter

  • Product ID: MT9943
  • Colors: Cobalt Blue, Cream, 18k Gold

Drum Shaped Planter

Easter Island Tiki

  • Product ID: MT9114
  • Colors: Burnt Cream

Egg Planter

Elephant Planter

  • Product ID: MT9147
  • Colors: Cobalt Blue
  • Store: Sarasota, FL

Fish Bowl Planter

  • Product ID: MT9868
  • Colors: Cobalt Blue, Aqua Blue
  • Store: Sarasota, FL

Fish Scale Planter

Footed Bowl Planter

Footed Planter

Footed Urn Planter

  • Product ID: MT8600
  • Colors: Aqua, Aqua Blue
  • Store: Sarasota, FL

Garden Spheres