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Fountains from Big Earth Landscape Supply are the perfect addition to your garden and landscape. The soothing sounds of trickling water can add just the right amount of zen to any space. Selection, style and quantity varies by store. We invite you to visit your nearest Big Earth location to shop fountains in person.

Curving Log Fountain

This log like design features water gently cascading inside, mirroring what you may see along your nature hike after a nice rainfall.

Fallen Logs Fountain

Bring a natural beauty to any setting with this fountain - crafted of cast stone but made to look like real hollowed out logs.

Frogs Patio Bubbler Fountain

This unique fountain features two frogs amidst a bubbling brook on top of lily pads. A beautifully serene addition to any garden or patio.

Hurricane’s Eye Patio Fountain

A unique fountain from Henri Studios, water flows in a circular pattern until converging at the eye of the storm.

Montreaux 2 Tier Fountain

The elegance of traditional styling is beautifully interpreted in these latest tiered designs, the Montreux Fountains.

Stone Edge Cascade Fountain

Water bubbles above an LED light providing an impressive show - water cascades over the tier in a smooth sheet of water.

Twin Falls Fountain

An ultimate expression of beauty is seen in the acclaimed Henri Log fountain with rilliant LED Plume lights included.

Waterfall Fountain

Water sheets in a sheer cascade in this hollowed log with a vertical design. Brilliant LED plume light is included.