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Santorini Premium White Marble

Santorini Premium White 02

Santorini Premium White Marble is one of the classiest additions, to an extensive list of possibilities, for landscape stone. White is a color that never goes out of style and the brilliant white of these pebbles is unrivaled. So vibrant, santorini is sometimes referred to as “snow white pebbles”. In fact, tiny crystals within the stone sparkle as they catch the sunlight, perfectly complimenting any Florida landscape.

The History: Santorini Premium White Marble comes from an island in Greece, where it has been quarried since antiquity. Greek stone workers even supplied blocks of this special stone for master carvers in Athens, who shaped these blocks into some of the statues that adorned the Parthenon. Now, through Big Earth, you can bring this timeless beauty to your garden, landscape, or even your home.

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