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Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone for Landscaping

Flagstone in Tampa Bay is typically used for outdoor walkways, pool decks and patio areas although other uses, such as fencing, are occasionally seen and historically was even used for roofing. Flagstone is traditionally natural in origin and composed of sedimentary stone which provides for a wide variety of color and hardness. Flagstone possesses a natural, non-slip surface and is perfect for those looking for a less contrived and random surface.

When purchasing flagstone there are several important considerations to keep in mind depending upon your intended use. Flagstones that are paler in color (sandstone) tend to be popular in Tampa Bay due to their ability to resist heat absorption. However, light-colored flagstone by nature is porous which can lead to potential challenges over time including:

  • Moisture absorbed into sandstone can expand to cause flaking.
  • Significant problems occur adjacent to irrigated areas due to overspray.
  • Chlorinated swimming pool water can create significant damage.
  • Wear and tear causes gradual erosion of the surface that leads to low spots.
  • Areas where water collects can leave significant stains on the stone itself.
  • Years of spills and grilling spatter can irreparably discolor sandstone.

That being said, water based sealer can allow flagstone to continue to breathe naturally while protecting it from any of the above scenarios thus slowing down deterioration greatly.

The alternative to sandstone flagstone is quartzite flagstone which includes marble. This denser flagstone does typically carry a higher price premium. Homeowners should carefully consider the pros and cons between the two types of flagstone and discuss their requirements with the friendly experts at Big Earth Landscape Supply


After considering natural flagstone, a homeowner should also research man-made flagstones known as flagstone pavers. Flagstone pavers come in a multitude of colors and designs that are not available in nature. Furthermore, being man-made, flagstone pavers are less prone to wear than natural flagstone and may come with significant warranties. Finally man-mad flagstone pavers are often less expensive than natural flagstone which may be a deciding factor for those on a budget.

Questions? Installation tips? That is what we are here for! Give the friendly experts at your local Big Earth Landscape Supply a call today about Tampa Bay Flagstone!

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