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Green Sense Newsletter - Fall 2017

Green Sense Newsletter - Fall 2017

A Note from Adam...
Hurricane Irma, now a part of history, is a storm we will not easily forget. As the cleanup continues and the piles of yard debris grow taller, I want to encourage you to ponder what our landscape did for us during this storm. Trees took the brunt of the storm — without trees we would not have been able to see the full force of the wind. Consider the damage your home could have sustained, if we didn’t have trees to help absorb the conditions. We owe it to those trees, which endured hours of bending, cracking and stress, for minimizing
the effects of the storm. Sure, you may be cursing the trees that took down power lines or fell in your yard, but they put up a valiant fight. Give your trees a good meal for their efforts, with Harmony Root Stimulant or our selection of DieHard inoculants. If you have not had your trees pruned lately, you should consider hiring a certified arborist to clean them up, in preparation for hurricane seasons to come, as their odds of success will increase greatly. Your landscape took on a big part of the fight Hurricane Irma gave us, so give back a little by providing and taking care of them. Strong storms and hurricane winds are guaranteed to rear their ugly heads again, so take a stand for your landscape now and it will repay you greatly in the future.

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posted on: Saturday, October 07 2017